Many Russians carry an internal passport, that’s not good for international travel.Still, if the passport appears real, that’s a good sign.A team of con artists could comfortably keep conversations going with lots and lots of men.Only a few would need to come through with travel money to make the effort worthwhile.

Some aspects are pretty obvious: both eyes have to be clearly open and the mouth needs to be closed.Dating is expensive, and it gets even more expensive when the first date requires hopping on a jet and flying across the ocean. If a man has burnt out all the dating apps in his area and isn’t ready to give up, he might start looking further afield, even into other countries.One popular place for Western men to search for potential partners: Russia.A major topic on the forum concerns detecting catfishing.Generally speaking, others on the site advise that if a woman says she’ll come to visit a man first, that’s a very bad sign.The site has 10 commandments for traveling abroad for love.

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