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Base Director Timithia Cofer coordinated with her department and Airport Customer Service in Atlanta while and Sarah Tronnes coordinated in Boston to organize a proposal that would exceed the couple’s dreams.Patel drafted cards to be distributed to customers asking them to take pictures and videos with their phones when he popped the question.On one knee, he said he wanted them to grow old together. Surrounding customers shared their own stories about long-lasting marriages and wished them the same luck.The front cabin was given champagne to toast the future Mr. “I’ve been married 61 years, and it’s worth it – it just gets better,” the woman seated in front of them added.Patel reached out to In-Flight Service, Delta’s flight attendant group, to help plan the big moment on the way to Boston.“I knew that I could trust you guys and you would take care of us,” he said.Allen’s column also ran in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.

Bolick describes the origins of this dating gap, the evolving conception of marriage, and the rise of being single, all the while seamlessly weaving in personal anecdotes, history, and research to support her argument.

— I’m starting to wonder whether “The Dating Gap” should have been my book title. Continuing with the UK theme, London’s Telegraph newspaper also chimed in with their own DATE-ONOMICS STORY.

Cynthia Allen, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, used DATE-ONOMICS to discuss the connection between increasingly lopsided gender ratios on college campuses and the rise of hookup culture and the scourge of campus rape.

When it comes to choosing our mates, it takes a few minutes to know whether we are attracted to someone.

First comes appearance, than the tone of voice, and finally, the content of their conversation (we are drawn to people with similar levels of intelligence, values, and beliefs).

For the rest of us, the more time you spend with someone you like, the more attractive they can be.

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