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Support an indie band “I’ve got mates in a band and I always see them when they play for free at the local pub.I wouldn’t do this on a first date as it can be hard to hear a girl, but I’ve taken girls on third/fourth dates there and we’ve always had a good time.” Angelo, 35 7.

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And it’s not just paying for the date when you’re broke but trying not to look like a scrub when you shop the Wal-Mart clearance rack.It took me a long time to get comfortable buying online but I’m definitely a converted Amazon-aholic.Since there are so many sellers competing in the same product or category, prices get pushed down much further than at traditional retail store.I went there with a man I’d been seeing for a week or two and it was great – we could explore somewhere new, have a long leisurely lunch at the pub and just relax out of the city.” Rose, 29 4.Go for a pub steak “It doesn’t sound that romantic, but what guy doesn’t love a good steak?The all-time worst, and most expensive date, has got to be going to the movies.

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