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Reading a book is not problem for me but to Purchase a book from USA is really a hard time for me. TOM you are right that backup and recovery is the main activity of a DBA.

The books are very expensive for us so we have to get info from online docs. Already I am using badidea and it was working fine for me. My another requirement to implement RMAN is incremental backups as the data is growing day by day.

To manage and report data in DBMS that contains very long text fields is not easy.

This can be frustrating if the text field has special embedded symbols such as tabs, carriage returns (‘OD’x ), line feeds (‘OA’x) and page breaks.

January 02, 2003 - am UTC There are reprints in your country of most of these books -- my book "Expert one on one Oracle" for example -- most of the Oracle press books as well.

I am reading Metalink Note 120084.98.1 seems very informative.

backing up to the same machine is a recipe for disaster. backing up using "copy" invoked via SQLPlus's host command -- what happens when the copy fails and you have no way to recover from it?

I bet you even keep just ONE COPY of the backups -- meaning that you overwrite the last backup with the current backup.

This is a cut and paste from one of the online book sites Expert One-On-One Oracle Kyte, Thomas ISBN : 8173663874 Wrox Press ; Published: 6/ 2001; Generally dispatched in 1 day. I did actually by a second hand version of an Oracle book for £14, it was in perfect condition and the guy even left an offical copy of JDeveloper in the cover which I dont think should have been there.

Well worth a try and the transactions for second hand stuff are all delt with by amazon (you pay amazon and they pay the seller) so it feels much safer than something like e-bay.

But here is simple SAS code which takes care of those issues.

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