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Revises it based off their notes, sends it in again and gets a \recommend\ grade.

signs up for a few classes on the Writer’s Store to be evaluated by professionals. sends it in for coverage from a professional coverage service.

You are, essentially, looking for someone to be a creative/spiritual coach… Going to a coverage service is like flipping through the phone book to find a therapist. Well, first of all, you don’t know who “liked” (or “disliked”) your script.

You get the exact right person reading your script… Maybe you’re not looking for a “creative/spiritual coach” to get in the trenches and improve your writing. It may have been read and covered by someone who has never developed an actual project.

Other times, the scripts were written by an up-and-coming writer for consideration on another project (I once read an unproduced script by Josh Friedman, who went on to write saying coverage services can’t provide insightful coverage on your script.

What I’m saying is that they’re rarely tuned in to the market enough to offer relevant “sale-ability” feedback.

Not because they’re no good; their “readers” and “consultants” may be literary geniuses—it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes, I would learn afterward, agents wanted the script read to see if the script had opportunities for a specific actor– or for CAA talent in general.After all, producers and studios, while eager to find fresh new material, have limited time, energy, and resources…which is why they return to the same wells over and over: the agents, managers, and colleagues who have repeatedly recommended stellar, buyable material.And while they may tell you whether or not your script is “good,” I refer you back to point #1: it’s usually not helpful just to know whether or not your script is “good.” If you want notes, suggestions, guidance, or thoughts on your script’s quality, they should come from someone who understands you, your vision, your goals, etc.—not a random, nameless reader just taking their 0 to write a report.) This may be the most important reason of all.Despite what coverage services tell you, most of them do not have the ear of studios, production companies, agents, or managers.But many coverage services offer little, if any, information about who’s reading your work. Your script could even be read by the to have someone help you perfect your script, you should know who’s helping you.

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