Dating raf men


Also you will need to make sure she really understands fully what you are under taking the hardships you will go through and the time apart will not just be for basic training it will in honesty a long chunk of your career between dets/excercises and sporting activites if you want to use the RAf fully.I am married, I am in the RAF and about to go into Rock Training but my missus has experienced RAF life and had advice from RAF Wives plus she will follow me from unit to unit.I think anyone thats going through training would reccommend the same thing.But if anything its the training that will make or break ya.Neither of us is expecting it to be easy, but it could always be harder. i was in the same boat but when i was i recruit 0hhh when i was about 28 me and my EX had been seeing each other for bout 5 yr plus had a daughter (att time 5 yrs - not even mine !) i also had house car a semi business to think off.

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They are the only times anyone is allowed to go home apart from on compassionate leave or holidays ie christmas.

The training is the hardest time in anyones relationship because of the set hours of being able to phone home (8pm-9pm, 10.50pm-11pm) and generally the lack of control you have of seeing and/or talking to your loved ones.

All the corporals have gave us a brief on how hard it is to stay in a relationship and that if it does last through the 29 weeks training, then she's defintely worth it.

Looks like training will be the acid test then, reassuring in a way as that's only temporary and things should only get better afterwards.

Plus knowing what points on the course I'll be coming home will give the pair of us something to look forward to. unless you roblivious to sitting down and thinking about things.

But, she has her own career and it probably won't really be practical for us to think about living together once I get in.

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