Dating my cousin


A single girl learns that dating is complicated enough without involving one's cousin. And even if he weren't, he's like my grandmother's cousin's daughter's son, and thus only slightly more related to me than any other Jewish kid with Eastern European grandparents. This makes him something of a sheep in wolf's clothing. After another round of drinks, I found myself dancing provocatively with his friend.

I'm not even sure of his last name because we're so not related that my family doesn't even talk about them behind their backs. The only time I met him before this fateful Rosh Hashanah visit was when he was passing through New York with his girlfriend. As soon as my fake cousin noticed, he grabbed the friend and said, "Dude, watch yourself.

However, one of the hottest girls in high school was my 2nd cousin and a semi-professional barrel racer.

She was super-shy except when in competition but I doubt I would have ever turned that down if it came up.

) I guess she thought he was going to die soon and she'd better give it a try before it was too late. To him it is what it is and people can either deal with it or leave him the hell alone. She once tried to hit me up for money too, which I didn't appreciate a whole lot, especially when she got extremely pissed off because I said no.

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His face only inches away, he asked me if I wanted to spend the night.

But later on, at my grandparents' house in Toronto, the girlfriend was nowhere to be seen, and as soon as he saw me we stared at each other longer than acceptable by any family's standards. That's my cousin." I got nervous; this was something a real cousin might say.

He invited me out with his friends that night and, already sloshed on red wine, I didn't care where we went as long as I got to spend more time with him. "We're not really," he said."So you could get married? But then he continued, "If anyone's gonna dance like that with her it's me." He took my hand and suggested that we leave.

Extended family doesn't know about it, but my parents and siblings all do. Complicating things is that my second cousin has a history of being a manipulative user.

My mom truly hates her because when my dad had a stroke, dear cuz was at the hospital being all sweet and asking him for money (! He doesn't try to justify his actions; he's not that kind of guy.

As you know she tends to do that to members of our family.

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