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None of the characters feel like a token, and the developers really made a gender- and culturally-inclusive game.

Representation matters, and it's important that young people see people like them in our media so they know that they matter. At least get past the protest-themed mini-episode and into the main game before writing it off. We need more inclusivity the game industry, and it's important we support the studios that are seeking to create change.

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Episode 6: History Surprising stories and unfinished business lead to an intense Healthy Relationships Workshop. Episode 7: The school year is ending and it's time to choose a high school. We know that the world is full of different views and opinions, and while we respect that we also have no patience for hate, fear mongering or discrimination of any kind.Long Story is here for that conversation and we hope our special episode Sign of The Times, offers some love and compassion in tough times. But in all honesty I loved having a game that I could relate to, and not only is that exciting but it's exciting to know that it's not only relatable to me but to so many other types of people as well.I loved this game so much, it was totally worth my money... I started playing this when there were only a few episodes and you couldn't even pick pronouns or the character appearance and they were still working on that stuff, and it's great to see how far they came.This update includes a brand new totally FREE mini-episode.Things are happening in the world these days that ask us to examine what prejudices we may hold, and what having American values really means.but I would like y'all to know, I think it's showing that the company is very one sided on political-ness (lol not a word) I'm not saying I agree or disagree; I just don't want political issues to take over this LGBTQ game.

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