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Read more » The coat of arms of Albania is an adaptation of the flag of Albania.It is based on the seal of Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg.It has a population of about 11,000 and is part of the district of Gorlitz.Read more » This article is about the realms of the Habsburgs between 18.This coat of arms has been the national coat of arms of Andorra since 1969.Below the shield arms stands Andorra's national motto Virtus Unita Fortior (Latin for United virtue is stronger).

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Read more » The coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina was adopted in 1998, replacing the previous design that had been in use since 1992 when Bosnia and Herzegovina gained independence, and follows the design of the national flag.Read more » The coat of arms of Botswana was adopted on January 25, 1966. The shape of the shield is that of traditional shields found in East Africa.On the top portion of the shield are three cogwheels that represent industry.The first mention of it in a public document dates to March 12 of that same year, in which it is stated that the seal had to be used by the executive power, that is, the second triumvirate.On April 13 the National Assembly coined the new silver and gold coins, each with the seal of the assembly on the reverse, and on April 27 the coat of arms became a national emblem.The initial coat of arms was granted by King Edward VII on , and the current version was granted by King George V on 19 September 1912, although the 1908 version continued to be used in some contexts, notably appearing on the sixpenny coin until 1966.

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