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OKCupid have just come out with some interesting figures on message response rates and the length a first message needs to be to get a good response.Nothing particularly new in the figures (at least not to anyone with a basic understanding of the industry), but it’s good to see everything in numeric form.Basically – women are twice more likely than men (just about) to get a response when they send a message, but they’re better off sending a shorter message – about 50 characters.Men should put more effort into writing longer messages – 200-300 words was deemed best.

Not everyone is able to find their ideal partner via the Internet, but there are many people that have found their perfect partner through the large network of the internet.It must tell a customer’s bank and apply for payments when due. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme, a provider must inform customers of changes.These are set up on credit or debit cards and give permission for money to regularly be taken off cards by the service provider.Often used for subscriptions, magazines and gym memberships, they do not offer the same customer guarantees as direct debits.If you’re not sure how you’re paying, contact your bank, which should know. Ever since the Internet came into existence, online dating has become increasingly popular amongst singles around the world.

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