Dating a singer sewing machine


The child could design and create the perfect fashion for her doll, all the while thinking about the real Singer she would be buying when she grew up, or so went the marketing logic I suppose. Singer reintroduced this model 20 in the 80's as a commemorative of sorts.

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Included is a darling 1953 dated instruction booklet titled "How to use your Singer Sew Handy:" Don't let this great example slip by if you are looking for something special to add to your Singer toy collection.This toy sewing machine, dating from 1910, was the very first model that Singer produced.It is recognizable by the design of the handwheel which is referred to the X-wheel or the 4-spoke.The condition of this rare toy sewing machine is second to none. It includes the original instructions, proper black clamp, and the rest of what is pictured.An opportunity to own one of the hardest to find colored toy Singer sewing machines. This is yet another example of the many variations of Singer toy sewing machines that were manufactured and marketed during the company's long and illustrious production history.This 1926 era Model 20 is in outstanding condition and comes complete with a hard-to-find variation of the original box.

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