Dating a marine i want out

For example, the "head" is marine-speak for the bathroom and "dog watch" is a watch duty shift that lasts from 4 p.m. Also like other service personnel, a marine is used to military time which operates on a 24-hour clock, with midnight being 0000.The morning hours are noted as 0100, 0200 and so on through noon which is 1200 and you always say ‘hours’ after the numbers unlike using ‘a.m’ or ‘p.m’ as in civilian time.During these times, you must remain faithful to your marine and have faith that he/she is doing the same.Always be supportive when the organization calls a marine into training or for duty.You can start off your relationship with your marine partner on the right foot by finding out as much as you can about this highly specialized and decorated corps.Being aware of the functions and traditions will not only help you be proud of your partner’s job but also help you stay away from unnecessary comparisons with other branches of service especially regarding matters like leave and deployment.So if you have just stared dating a marine or are thinking of dating one, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.Know the Marine Corps Your marine boy/girlfriend is part of the US Marine Corps which like the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force function under the Department of Defense.

Send emails, chat or use Skype to communicate with each other.

At these times the best thing you can do for your relationship is to support your partner through all his/her military responsibilities so that he/she sees you as the ideal life mate for a marine.

Keep in touch It is essential that you employ all possible methods of communication to stay in touch with your partner when he/she is away.

These days there are several ways of keeping in touch across distances.

Cell phones are the most convenient of them and for regions where there is no network, satellite phones can be used.

Because of these regulations, your marine may not be able to "post to your wall" or reply to public messages in certain ways.

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