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I'm assuming this bass came out pretty recently, but I found it for 300 on e Bay and I am considering buying a bass around that price range.Lately I've been using my drummer's 1976 Fender P-Bass, but he's tired of me bumping it into walls on occasion and whatnot/doesn't want me to **** it up.Danelectro was one of the original settlers on the electric instrument landscape of the 1950's, and continues today with a exciting new product line.

The standard guitar portion of the instrument has a 24.75" scale with 21 frets while the 4-string bass’ short scale length measures 29.5" and has 15 frets.

So my band has a danelectro U2, which we bought off a good friend of mine as a backup guitar.

Reading up about them, i am trying to find out how old it is.

5 Necks” Rick Nielsen—all have used bulky multineck monsters while performing some of their most iconic songs.

(OK, maybe five is a bit excessive, Rick.) But sometimes doubleneck instruments are bought and used out of necessity instead of rock-star excess, such as the case with Gus Seyffert and his Danelectro Doubleneck #3923.

I kept my eyes open for an old Hofner 6/4—I wasn’t aware of the 3923 Dano until I saw it at a shop on Denmark Street in London.” As a rare American guitar in the UK, it was a bit overpriced, yet Seyffert felt a strong connection to the ’59 Dano and made the purchase.

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