Cyberspace dating


Again I did a background check on him to be sure he had no criminal record.I have a GPS in my car and I drove approximately three hours to the city where he lived.It just didn't add up and made no sense to me at all.Curiosity killed the cat, so I did a background check on him to perhaps get a better picture of what I might have missed.At that point I began to wonder if he had killed anyone.Then there was the one who was traveling through in his motor coach. This gentleman had only one thing in mind, and that was to lure me into his motor home and have sex.

I soon was a member of so many sites I could not keep up with my screen names. He was rather handsome, very polite and exhibited excellent etiquette while eating.To my surprise and amazement I began to get offers from at least five other friend finder sites, including one from a very famous doctor who has a popular television show each week.The email from his site guaranteed to make my profile very enticing.During the course of our communication he explained that the reason for the urgent marriage was that he wanted to travel and his religious beliefs would not allow him to travel with me until we were married.I quickly and simply said no thank you, and that brought a quick end to that. I am not a hot looking female, I dress very modestly, and could not quite understand why this man would offer a marriage proposal to me so quickly.After several months of internet communication he asked me to visit him, announcing that he had just had a cornea transplant and was under doctors orders not to drive too far from familiar surroundings.

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