Create virtual boyfriend girlfriend sims and dating games


Before purchasing a song, you are able to try the song first to see whether or not it appeals to you.

However when trying songs, it only allows you to play the first 60 seconds of the song, in order to give you a taste of the genre and style of music.

You may also select various style moves that will assist you in the game.You are also able to send and receive gifts in order to assist with the development of the farm. Here you are able to choose from a large selection of animals such as fish and shellfish as well as purchase decorations and increase the size of your aquarium, by selection the development icon.You are able to catch your fish in order to earn coins as well as multiply the number of fish you have.They are available in both male and female, as well as range in skin tone and style.You are able to invite your friends to your farm and they will assist you in finishing the necessary building.You are able to search for songs via artist, track, album and all fields.

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