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He put a 0 bill in the tip jar for the band he had displaced.

He mock-grudgingly honored a request ("I'm going to do it so you quit whining") for "Austin," the 2001 tear-jerk smash that launched his career."I love you, Blake," a fan shouted, inevitably. "We're going to be in the tabloids, you and me.

But she recently had given birth to her son Apollo, and Shelton "never really got to know her, other than small talk." When Stefani didn't return for season eight, Shelton assumed he would never see her again.

Four months later, after rumors and coy hints on Instagram, one of Shelton's ­representatives acknowledged that he and y divorce record, but maybe even more than that, it's my happy, falling-in-love record too." Emotionally, it's Shelton's richest album.

The divorce (his second) has given him more feeling and depth.

We're having twins." And Shelton, who has gained a few pounds recently, pointed at a belly bump filled with beer.

Shelton, who recently turned 40, became famous for doing unserious things, like giving out Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine's cellphone number, or recording "Boys ' Round Here," which one reviewer called "sexist, crude and jam-packed with country stereotypes ...

Blake Shelton Talks Divorce, New Love With Gwen Stefani: ' All This Just Has to Be Meant to Happen' Shelton sequenced in a way that ­simulates a "very specific time frame" in his life.

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