Cosmogenic burial dating


The method is suitable for the quantification of surface denudation rates (on uncovered or soil mantled surfaces) and for the determination of average erosion rates of entire drainage basins.

Numerical age determination of the terraces is essential for the determination of the incision rate of the Danube and connected uplift rate of the TR.See more about the method in: Gosse and Phillips (2001); Dunai (2010); Granger et al. Exposure age determination Exposure age of a rock is the time elapsed since it has been exposed to cosmic irradiation.The measured TCN concentration is representative of the exposure age of the studied landform (1) if the formation of the landform was instantaneous and (2) if no surface denudation or (3) sediment accumulation has occurred since its formation.The method is applicable in the time range of 10 years and at variable lithologies.This time range covers the entire Quaternary and Pliocene hence it has occupied a significant role among the tools of Quaternary geochronology.In 2015-2016 years already the complete chemical processing of test sample sets was possible, and first results and their interpretation are on their way (Ruszkiczay-RĂ¼diger et al., 2016; 2017a,b; Neuhuber et al., 2016) .

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