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I like the ease and clarity of where I’m at on the website. It’s possible to join the website for only and change if you subscribe for a year. I feel like a 9-year-old or an 80-year-old could figure this site out easily enough to interact with on a regular basis.

Ten years ago, had anyone told you, “We met online”, you may have tried to stifle one or possibly all of the following: It was the equivalent of saying, “I’m desperate and the ticking of my biological clock keeps me up at night.” However today, with the bombardment of TV ads and word-of-mouth praise, digital daters are coming out of the closet. I didn’t believe it until I began researching for this article.

The profile gives anyone an interesting view of you, enough so the viewer is able to determine if they’d like to contact you further. On top of that, there’s a good amount of people on here looking to meet and interact with you, not to mention pray for you.

This site completely highlights the importance of being a Christian and lets that element take center stage for all to see.

Filled with curiosity, I asked what the difference is between being married and single.

The husband communicated that there’s a lot of stress being married, adding that it’s all worth it.

Christian Cafe starts you off with a 7-day FREE trial, which is nice.

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