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A college shall not, however, furnish the student with any assistance (equipment, transportation, lodging or meals) when participating in such events.

Student participation in athletic events such as All-Star games must be approved by the NJCAA National Office.

Students must be enrolled full-time (twelve or more credits) at the college where they have chosen to participate when the regular season schedule of a sport begins.

Students not enrolled during the term when the season begins remain ineligible throughout the season schedule unless they enroll on the first possible enrollment date following: Students that satisfy one of the four exceptions become eligible after the previous term has ended upon registration as a full-time student for the new term.

Students who have served eighteen calendar months in the Armed Forces of the United States, church mission or with a recognized foreign aid service shall be exempt from the First Season Academic Requirements and Second Season Academic Requirements.

If a student does sign with two NJCAA colleges, that student will become immediately ineligible to compete in NJCAA competition for the next academic year in any sport.Division III institutions may provide no athletically related financial assistance.However, NJCAA colleges that do not offer athletic aid may choose to participate at the Division I or II level if they so desire.The NJCAA's mission is to promote and foster two-year college athletics.Unlawful discrimination is incompatible with this mission and detracts from the organizations goal of promoting health and fair competition.Division I colleges may offer full athletic scholarships a maximum of tuition, fees, room and board, course related books, up to 0 in course required supplies, and transportation costs one time per academic year to and from the college by direct route.

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