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Not only do we want to prevent teens from being abused but we want to prevent them being the abuser. Retrieved from C., Houston, A., Mmari, K., & Decker, M. Urban teens and young adults describe drama, disrespect, dating violence and help-seeking preferences.Many young men lack empathy towards women and instead see only the personal consequences of dating violence (i.e. L., Nemeth, J., Bartle-Haring, S., Buettner, C., & Schipper, D. Dating violence victimization across the teen years: Abuse frequency, number of abusive partners, and age at first occurrence. The old fairy of Life Events who, if she can’t kill you, is doing everything she can to choke out your future. He trades your rags for a new dress, picks up your fallen tiara, and shines your glass slippers.

The discussion guide, and accompanying Power Point presentation, helps participants recall specific scenes and generate thoughtful conversations about indentifying warning signs and preventing abusive relationships.

Intervene by using your voice and by being available to your teens.

Have open conversations with children in your care about what a healthy relationship looks like and demonstrate that relationship within your own dating life or marriage.

The discussion guide includes: background for session leaders, helpful hints for addressing the subject of dating abuse and violence, instructions for facilitating group discussions, and interactive activities.

The Choose Respect Campaign provides the essential tools necessary for adolescents to recognize the signs and prevent dating abuse before it begins.

Looking back, many teenage girls would admit to dancing in their mom’s high-heeled shoes as young girls, wearing sheets as robes, and practicing to curtsey in front of the mirror.

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