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The precise nature of prostitution in Germany varies from place to place.

In Munich, street prostitution is not allowed anywhere. In Hamburg it is allowed at certain times of the day at the train station. In many cities, there is a street known as the 'Mall', where brothels are located and prostitutes gather.

Many cities have an 'Eros Centre' where women rent a room by day, sitting in the window to tempt men in.

Recent articles in several English language news portals told the story of an unemployed 25 year-old IT specialist who was told by her job centre that her benefits would be removed if she did not accept a prostitution job offered to her.

There was an outcry at the time, but there is little evidence to support the story, which is considered by some to be an urban myth.

Unfortunately, a legal loophole means that the prostitutes can't do anything if the client fails to pay up after they have sex.

Brothels with officially registered prostitutes have to pay a fee of about 15-25 Euros per prostitute per day to local authorities.

Alternatively, prostitutes can be found via a host of magazines sold in sex shops (some of which include customer reviews), or the telephone directory.

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