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These design principles are exemplified in Drosophila, an activity for learning the genetics of inheritance.

This subscription web site offers 12 biology simulations on a variety of topics for a modest price (.25/year/applet).These applications were disseminated freely over the web and were used by most institutions of higher education with significant Ne XT computer installations.In the early 1990s the emergence of the World-Wide-Web provided a new opportunity for the use and dissemination of instructional technology.The purpose of this paper is to outline a set of design principles that can be used in the development of Virtual Courseware and to provide an example of how these principles have been implemented in the Virtual Courseware Project simulations.The next section provides a brief history of the Virtual Courseware Project which began in the late 1980s.In 2004, the Virtual Courseware Project was awarded a grant from the NSF to develop web-based simulations that target secondary school learners.

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