Biblical guidelines for dating


And just as we know each other’s strengths, we also know, more than anybody else, each other’s weaknesses.

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If God gave us the institution of marriage so that man “would not be alone,” why does today’s society idealize time spent AWAY from one’s spouse?We put up a smiley face mask for the entire world, but when we get home and the facade falls off, often what’s left is far from the patient, encouraging, loving partner our spouse needs us to be.Sure, iron SHOULD sharpen iron, and some things should be addressed in a prayerful, loving, respectful way, but don’t ever let that descend into a critical spirit.Each week we share a quick tip or idea that you can use to spice up your marriage!Each idea is designed to be able to be carried out during the weekend without a ton of time.Work as a TEAM to keep your home tidy and clean, and it will be the inviting, cozy, welcoming place where you’ll WANT to spend your time together.

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