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Why Wang Jianlin and Wanda's Problems are 'More Political Than Economic' Visit our upcoming events page for all events organized and co-sponsored by EASC this academic year!Stay connected and receive weekly information on events, news, funding, jobs, and more about the USC East Asian studies community!Many countries contain a mix of both approaches: policies that focus on punishing prostitution (undermining harm reduction programs) together with outreach through grassroots NGOs or government disease control authorities.This article examines the organization and political context of sex work in China and shows how criminalization of sex work in China interferes with HIV prevention efforts.National surveillance data from 1995 to 2009 show stable infection rates among sex workers at 8000 police officers and the closing of 256 brothels and detention of 1132 sex workers [17].

An estimated 740 000 persons are living with AIDS in China, and heterosexual transmission is now 44.3% of new infections [7].

Although prostitution may involve trafficking and coercion of women, some sex work is voluntarily done for economic reasons, and prostitution per se is not trafficking [2].

Much sex work takes place outside of formal venues (such as brothels) and occurs in informal labor settings and in combination with other work as part of a livelihood strategy.

Sex workers are blamed for disease spread rather than viewed as needing services or protection and are often subjected to abuse, and extortion from police [20].

Payoffs for police protection are common for individual sex workers and entertainment establishment owners.

In Guangdong province bordering Hong Kong, a resurgent syphilis epidemic and booming sexual services industry have raised heterosexual transmission of HIV from 4.89% of new infections in 2001 to 37.9% in 2007 [8].

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