Ashley benson and keegan allen dating


In honor of the book's debut, we had Keegan Allen stop by Buzz Feed's New York offices to give us the story behind some of his most fascinating photos. Keegan Allen: It’s a photo with Ashley and this little girl Emma who is our co-worker Tommy’s daughter.

I took it cause I really liked how Ashley was very trendy-looking and the baby is just born, so who knows how trendy the baby will dress one day. KA: The cast is really close — every single one of us is close with each other.

KA: He does all of the voices for most of the video games. KA: That was, like, the first photo I took of Sasha, and she was so young, but she doesn’t act young.

He’s the voice of Drake in Uncharted, and a lot of Call of Duty stuff. When I first met Sasha she was very coquettishly looking over at me and she’s like, (waves) “Hey, what’s up? And then I was like, “What’s up, what’s your name, who do you play...” And she was like, “I play Allison. KA: I thought it was really cool because Joe [the director of the black-and-white episode] is so passionate about film noir and that genre as well.

Keegan is currently in a relationship with model Ali Collier.

They have shared photos on social media, including the one below.

KA: He’s just a pleasure to work with on every level. And that’s shot through one of those unbreakable windows.

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Most importantly, his photographic journey takes you behind the scenes of PLL, featuring exclusive photos of the cast and crew throughout the past five seasons.

And Tyler’s always just like, “All right” (laughs).

And they did that I think for the photo and also for the [extras]. KA: That’s, like, Troian writing something on her wrist in Sharpie to remember.

KA: Usually I’m taking photos; Ian is tentatively paying attention to Ashley showing him Instagram photos, probably, or going through her camera roll of things that she did; Troian is sleeping and trying to drown out all the noise around her, and I think that’s Shay’s legs in the corner. Or Troian or Ashley or I will be reading a book, and we’ll pass it along to each other. KA: That was the last shot of that episode and they were so tired.

They have these huge lights because we were illuminating to look like moonlight, and as they were walking through, it was blinding them.

I see myself so much younger in this, but I remember that scene was really funny — it was when she comes up to Toby and opens the door and there’s a chain across his face. Our friendship has been constant throughout the show. What’s really cool is Troian’s photo was indoor lighting from the makeup chair lights, and Tyler’s photo is outside natural lighting from the sun.

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