Are paw and roses dating


Skye: we were playing Tag and i popped out infront Of Chase ,he stumbled into me then we rolled into the Lookout .Chase: yea Ryder: hehe you two love pups Both:*blushes*Ryder Chase : i bet you can't keep this ball away from me!I'm Chase the police pup555, and I love writing stories! A nice sunny morning in adventure bay As usual chase was the first pup to wake up Chase : * pulls out his megaphone* Wake up everypupp ! Marshall: *snores* ZZZZZ Skye : Hello Chase Good Morning ! Ryder: Chase,i'll need you to use your sniffing skills to find Bettina Chase: Chase is on the case Ryder: and .I'll need you to try and locate Bettina from the air . Both: thanks Ryder Hehe*nervously* Ryder:what happened ? one elevator scene later , Chase : ready for action Ryder sir, Skye:*sighs dreamily at chase * Ryder: PAW PATROL, we have an emergency ,part of Bettina's pen collapsed and she ran away into Farmer Yumi's fields . Chase: yea Skye: That's my police pup *nuzzles Chase* Chase : Thanks skye *nuzzles her back* (scene change Rocky's badge) Rocky : almost , Finished! *chewing hay* Skye: *giggles* Bettina is one hungry cow!It is up to each and everyone of you to do your own due diligence and form your own opinion of the rescues or persons named.In a statement to Daily Mail Australia, Lucas’ Papaw Remedies said they created their own active ingredient for the product using fresh, fermented Australian papaws, rather than processed papaw powder from overseas.

*blushes hardly* Chase: Uhh , no Rocky : ok then Skye : *her pup tag rings * Ryder through pup tag : skye , katie wants to have a spa day you and Cali Skye: sure Ryder tell her i'll be there soon *does backflip* Katie's Salon ....... Ryder: Chase catch the ball *throws the ball* Chase:*ball hits Chase * Rocky : Chase are you okay ? Ryder : Come on Chase , You can tell us anything Chase : Alright.. Chase : can I get some roses 2 pink ones on each side with 3 red roses in the middle Marshall: nice pick Chase ! Chase : and the card should say " I love you with all my heart you are the best pup in the world , Love Chase" Marshall: Wow Chase you really thought this through ! Rocky: all it needs is the Rubble: FOOD Rocky and Zuma: hey rubble you finally Brought the food Katie's Salon.....We get along so well as a result of me playing it the way that I did."She lives in Hawaii. to Iron Maiden drummer Nicko Mc Brain, whose music is just as fast and furious as Walker's films.... Mc Brain was reportedly arrested for trying to stab a man on her and Nicko's property, though reports are conflicting as to whether or not it was Nicko himself.Mc Brain raised her and Walker's daughter Meadow for years in the volcanic islands until the teenager decided she wanted more time with her dad and moved into his California home. Skye :*walks through Katie's salon doors (hey Katie) Katie : hey Skye,ready for our spa day Cali: meow *points at herself * Katie : with Cali Skye: *giggles * Lookout... Rocky : sniffing around for a good place* Aha Found the perfect place ( under a tree where they could see the sunset (Scene change chase's badge ) Marshall: come on Chase lets get the flowers for Skye Both:* walk into the florist's shop * Cashier : how can I help you pups ? Chase : *blushes his cheeks are very red *yes i do very much . Your girlfriend *she said mockingly * Chase : blushes hey knock it off Everest : okay okay I need to pick her up bye Chase and Marshall : bye Everest (scene change rubble's badge) Rocky : hah the table is perfect and they have a view of the sunset Zuma: yes it really is *walks over to the cliff* hey there is Wally Wally: ark ark Zuma: hey dude! Skye : huh I wonder what their mission's about Katie : whatever it is we girls are just relaxing *removing cucumber from her eyes* Isntt that right Cali Cali : meow *lying down in her bath* Lookout .... Hey Marshall And Chase so Ryder told me that you like Skye. I kept a secret *runs inside* Skye: huh I wonder what Everest meant *shrugs her shoulder*as she looked inside she saw Chase with her favorite rose bouquet from the florist ,she was shocked Chase:*puts down roses* Skye you are the *gulps*most beautiful ,kindest ,sweetest ,pup I have ever met and I really like you, I have had a Crush on you since the day I met you and I am sorry I took so long to confess my crush . he then realizes that Skye licked him on his cheek *chase cheeks were a crimson red blushing* All: congratulations Chase and Skye Skye : feeling very embarassed Skye started to walk backwards Chase: *takes Skye's paw *it's okay I'm here Skye: nuzzles into chase's side no matter who was looking Chase: So how about that date ? all pups, Ryder and Katie :they are the perfect couple Chase:*pulls out Skye' s chair * your chair sweety Skye: thanks Chase *blushing* Chase :this spaghetti is delicious Skye: who set up this dinner table ?

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