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The two initially bonded over their hatred of New York City and went to his hotel.Once in his room after a brief hand hold in the elevator, the Ifrit asked: 'If I could grant a wish do you think I'd be driving a cab?

'[It] was an opportunity for us to challenge the audience to not look away from the beauty of this experience for Salim. Iranian-born Abtahi, said he was nervous it would be 'too raunchy' before it aired but that he was happy with the result.'This is not my first gay sex scene so I am a veteran of this genre but for me it was better, it made it a little bit easier having known Mousa for 10 years.'It felt great and then watching the final product. The actors, who are both straight, previously told of their excitement at participating in such a groundbreaking scene.It doesn’t matter what your race or sexuality is…everyone can understand and connect with that,' he said.Fuller, who is gay, previously revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he made the straight actors reshoot the scene after deciding their first attempt was not realistic enough.Fans praised the episode for breaking boundaries, labeling it 'romantic', 'tender', 'arousing' and 'sensual'.Television critics including the New York Times's Abraham Riesman have heralded it as the most erotic gay sex scene in network television history.She then scolded Shadow for throwing away the gold coin 'the sun' he'd been given by 6-foot leprechaun Mad Sweeney [Pablo Schreiber].

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