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'That was the shoot where I first met Kate,' says Hack wistfully. Kate and Hack went on to date for four years, before splitting up in 2004. One of Jefferson's anecdotes starts off with the line 'I was at the Serpentine Gallery and I bumped into Brian Eno who I hadn't seen since Sarajevo when we were at this warehouse party with The Edge' (from U2). 'I got really good advice from them, learned how to deal with things.' After breaking up with Moss, Hack became engaged to the Belgian model Anouck Lepere, but is now single, although he was spotted leaving an after-party at London's W Hotel earlier this month with Scarlett Johansson.

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During its 'curatorial' role in the publishing industry, he explains, has polarised opinion.

Sweeping through the vacant lot, Rose and his co-director, L'Officiel Hommes editor André Saraiva shot a dreamlike portrait of professional skateboarders Jerry Hsu, Austyn Gillette, and Josh Harmony, besuited in Dior Homme, Saint Laurent, and Prada.

Set to the epic pop of Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur," the slow-motion skaters are confronted by a trio of models in lace lingerie led by Belgian beauty Anouck Lepere, in a touch that echoes the band's 1980s videos.

"It is his bicoastal perspective which started the idea for the film," explains Saraiva of Rose's past as founder of downtown New York institution Alleged Gallery, that is juxtaposed with his recent experience as a West Coast-dwelling artist.

"We share a similar evolutionary process as creators, so it was natural to work together," says Rose of...

Recorded March 2011 @ Red Left Hand Studio Produced by Sven Janssens & BEAR Mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side Music NY Additional vocals: Lynne Maes Album photography: Greg Lamarche Model: Anouck Lepere. MUAH: Stefaan Verelst Graphic Design: B3ARDESIGNS /// CHARIOTS /// Daggers drawn show how to get an easy life without expression.

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