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I also did not find many on the fences after the early success and my guess is if youre coming down specifically to look for Ba Sp and Gr Sp, it would probably be best to get there at dawn and work the nearby fences to the road.This seems to be my most successful strategy in this area.One last note, at several times during the morning, I saw pairs of COMMON RAVENS engaged in spirited acrobatic flights and am assuming it is that time of the year and they are engaged in courtship?Anthropomorphizing a bit, Im thinking shes putting him through the paces and seeing if he can keep up, is interested, etc. Tim Helentjaris Tucson, AZ We have an unknown distance yet to run, an unknown river to explore.Also present is a PACIFIC WREN, several RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES, and a SLATE-COLORED FOX SPARROW.

Soon it was joined by another bird, a second BAIRDS SPARROW, and then a third bird, but this one was different, most notably with a very whitish crown stripe but with same yellowish cast to the face, a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW.After wading through just a lot of EASTERN MEADOWLARKS and VESPER SPARROWS, I was going to move on but as I turned around, just behind me on the fence was a very whitish sparrow, very obviously different from the muddier Ve Sp's.Got the scope on it, and it was a beautifully-plumaged BAIRDS SPARROW, which remained in this position for well over 15 mins, giving me a lot of time to examine it and compare it to the description and photos in the sparrow guide book, probably my best looks ever.One of my annual pleasures is to get to the edge of the San Rafael Valley before dawn in the winter and watch for the Short-eared Owl and NORTHERN HARRIERS skimming along the grassy slopes to the north.Dipped on the owl this morning, probably as the grasses were soaked from the rain the previous evening but was able to welcome some of the winter sparrows.It was feeding with several Red-naped in a fruiting madrone along the road, just before the Vista Point pullout.

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