100 man and woman dating site in holland


To the untrained dater it may appear rude or direct but it is a refreshing scene of playing with your cards on the table.

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The Dutch tend to believe it is better to be honest than mislead someone.While Dutch women might like it when men do this, they do not expect it.Such actions aren't seen as an affront to ladies but rather as a sign that Dutch men see them as equals – although some might say this is the unfortunate downside of equality when dating a Dutch man. Part of this has to do with the prevalent bike culture – have you tried biking in high heels and a mini skirt, through the rain?The Dutch love efficiency and leading someone on can be a waste of everybody's time.You can find that both Dutch men and women cut out flirting and small-talk in favour of simply stating one's desire or intentions.Some say it is unromantic but Dutch relationships pride themselves on equality between Dutch women and men.

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